Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adoption book

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With our adoption agency, the birth parents choose the adoptive parents and meet them prior to the birth. They are often given around 5 profile books to look at depending on if they match the adoptive parents desires (ethnicity, gender, openness of adoption, etc.). This is the book we made! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mac Powell Family Testimony

OK last post for today. This one is a little longer than the previous one but this is awesome too! We love Third Day and had no idea that they adopted through Bethany Christian Services last year!! Soooo cool!

Mark Schultz - Everything To Me - story behind the song

Amazing video-- I love this guy!! He says it all!!!

Our Video

So I think I might be able to do this thing! Yeah!! I'm going to attach our video that we made for the Bethany Christian Services Website and we also put in our profile book for birth parents to view. We are hoping to do a semi-open adoption. This means that the birth parents will choose us from several couples. We will meet them and possibly be able to be a part of doctors appointments and even the delivery (if she wants us to). We will send pictures and updates to our agency several times within the first year and we will also meet up with the birth parents at least once in a neutral location with our social workers present within the first year. The one thing we LOVE about domestic adoption and about Bethany is the amount of counseling and support the birth parents receive. They really empahsize this and we have become more aware of how absolutely amazing the birth moms are to allow us to adopt their child. Anyhow, before I get teary again-- I will stop for now and let you view our video! Enjoy!

Here it goes... June 2010

So I'm trying this whole thing out-- the blog thing I mean. I absolutely LOVE reading other people's adoption blogs. I find most of them very inspiring! I'm not sure if I have my whole layout right and can't quite figure out how to fix the settings so not sure how this will go. I'm going to post this and if it looks ok then I will tell our story for any random friend or family member that wants to see how things are going with our adoption process. Soooo here it goes!!!!!