Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who's that black girl?

I have 3 blog posts in my head but have to write this one first-- I hope to get my groove on and blog my other two posts on Adoptive Friend Support and Our First Visit with Jenna's Birth mom very soon.  Stay tuned for those but for now I must share this story...

So we (the family) went to Ft. Myers this weekend to visit my mom and see my brother & his girlfriend (from Colorado) who came for a long weekend.
Friday we all went to the beach and had a blast!  As we were leaving and walking out on the boardwalk a little boy (probably about 8 years old) started talking to Luke as I was a few steps ahead of him and eavesdropping...

Boy: That's a cool Boogie board ya got.
Luke: Thanks- mine has a frog and my brother's has a circle on it.

Boy: Who's that black girl? (Kaycee is walking next to me- dancing & singing to her cute self)
Luke: Huh?

Boy: That black girl who is she-- she your sister?
Luke: Kaycee?  Yeah she's my sister.

Boy: She doesn't look like your sister.  Are you sure she's your sister?
Luke: Yeah.  She's my sister and so is the baby-- her name is Jenna. (I'm carrying Jenna)

Boy: But she looks nothing like you. Is she adopted or something?
Luke: Yep.  She's adopted and so is my sister Jenna.

Boy: So you and your brother came from your parents and well where did your sisters come from?  Like an orphanage or something?
Luke:  Huh?  I don't know. They are just my sisters.

Then we were at the showers and parted ways.  I hugged Luke and told him he did such a good job talking to the boy.  I reminded him that Jenna and Kaycee came from their Birth moms in Florida and they weren't in a orphanage.   He said ok and that was the end of that.
I knew that conversations like this would come up and was glad I could listen in on this one.  I am such a proud mom!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

And God gave us Jenna-- Part 3 of 3

Sorry for the "suspenseful delay!"  It's been such a busy week and I didn't want to rush through this post....

So we get home Wednesday evening-- blessed that our neighbors/friends (Thank you Joy & Glen!) were able to pick up Luke and Zack from camp since we didn't get home til after it closed.  I called a good friend of mine to see if she would be willing to come spend the night at our house and watch the kids the next day because we would need to leave by 6:30 am at the latest and we were NOT going to be late this time around!  My friend Leigh was sooooo wonderful and said she would be happy to help us out (Thank you Leigh!!).

We showed the boys pictures of Jenna and got things a bit more in order for her home coming.  Jenna's birth mom "D" sent me texts that night with pictures of Jenna right after she was born, her sonogram, and D's other two children.  She also sent me some pictures of her pregnant with Jenna.  I told her I wanted to make a book for Jenna all about "D" and her family and had asked if she could send me some pictures.   I was thrilled to have these treasures.  I tried to get some sleep... it was hard though as I was so excited!! 

Thursday morning Chris and I scooted out the door with the boys set up watching "Super Why" and Kaycee still sleeping.  Although I really don't remember what we talked about on our way there, the most amazing, powerful, incredible thing happened about 1  hour into our drive.  My phone "dinged" indicating a text-- it was from "D."  My heart stopped.  And then I read it.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this text on our blog because it is so personal but I want you all to know how incredible "D" is-- her text read:

7:09 am
"Good morning, it's almost time!  I just want to say thank you in advance for raising my baby in a wonderful, loving Christian home.  Words can not express my gratitude to not just you and Chris but your sons and daughter, again thank you."

Of  course I start crying.  I knew I'd cry today but thought it wouldn't be til later.  I was in awe of this amazing woman.   My reply was:

" You are making me cry already!  I knew I would today.  Tears of extreme gratitude.  We love you and promise to love Jenna with all our heart.  Our children are sooooooo excited about their new sister.  See you soon.  XOXOXO."

We arrive to the center on time and there is a court reporter, the pregnancy counselor, and the lawyer.  "D" was on her way with a friend.  The lawyer asked us if we had been present for Kaycee's TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) and we said no.  He said he thought it was important for the adoptive parents to be present and witness this. 

We had some time while we waited so talked about his procedures for adoption profile showing.   He said he gives the birth parents all the questionnaires (which are typed out) and asks them to narrow it down by reading them first before he ever shows them pictures of the couples/families.   Once they have it narrowed down some then they are given the three pictures we included.   I found that very interesting-- and neat! 

So "D" shows up with one of her friends and Jenna and gives us a hug and hands Jenna right over to me!  The interview was a hour long and very insightful.  I was so happy to hear exactly how much counseling she and her children had had about the adoption placement and that she was sure she would continue her sessions.  After going to Bethany Christian Services adoptive parents weekend, we always knew we wanted our children's birth parents to be well cared for and supported before and after placement.  Since this placement wasn't with Bethany, the extent that this Pregnancy Center and lawyer had provided counseling was so reassuring.  It was also good for my heart to hear that without any reservation she wanted to place Jenna with us and she had no regrets about her decision. 

After the interview the lawyer asked  "D" what she was going to do for the rest of the day and she replied "Let's go take pictures!"  I was so glad she was still up for it!  She gave me permission to post these pictures of that day.

Then we said goodbye to the counselor and the lawyer and we all (D & her friend and Chris, Jenna and I) drove to the nearby Clinic where Jenna had been seen by a doctor for a "well check" a few weeks before to get copies of her medical records. 
We set a date for our first visit the end of July and I told her to text me anytime she was having difficulty or just needed a picture of Jenna and I would send one as quickly as I could.  I also told her that Kaycee's birthmom said that "D" could call her anytime for support (how cool is that?!)
(**they have connected on the phone since that day and Kaycee's birthmom said they talked like they had been friends forever!!  I'm so grateful for that!)

We drove home with me in the backseat with Jenna (of course) ) and came home to a neat sign in our front yard and very excited brothers!!

On the drive home      

Jenna looks not so sure about these guys but they will be her protectors forever!!
And now we are complete.