Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who's that black girl?

I have 3 blog posts in my head but have to write this one first-- I hope to get my groove on and blog my other two posts on Adoptive Friend Support and Our First Visit with Jenna's Birth mom very soon.  Stay tuned for those but for now I must share this story...

So we (the family) went to Ft. Myers this weekend to visit my mom and see my brother & his girlfriend (from Colorado) who came for a long weekend.
Friday we all went to the beach and had a blast!  As we were leaving and walking out on the boardwalk a little boy (probably about 8 years old) started talking to Luke as I was a few steps ahead of him and eavesdropping...

Boy: That's a cool Boogie board ya got.
Luke: Thanks- mine has a frog and my brother's has a circle on it.

Boy: Who's that black girl? (Kaycee is walking next to me- dancing & singing to her cute self)
Luke: Huh?

Boy: That black girl who is she-- she your sister?
Luke: Kaycee?  Yeah she's my sister.

Boy: She doesn't look like your sister.  Are you sure she's your sister?
Luke: Yeah.  She's my sister and so is the baby-- her name is Jenna. (I'm carrying Jenna)

Boy: But she looks nothing like you. Is she adopted or something?
Luke: Yep.  She's adopted and so is my sister Jenna.

Boy: So you and your brother came from your parents and well where did your sisters come from?  Like an orphanage or something?
Luke:  Huh?  I don't know. They are just my sisters.

Then we were at the showers and parted ways.  I hugged Luke and told him he did such a good job talking to the boy.  I reminded him that Jenna and Kaycee came from their Birth moms in Florida and they weren't in a orphanage.   He said ok and that was the end of that.
I knew that conversations like this would come up and was glad I could listen in on this one.  I am such a proud mom!


  1. kids are just curious. And what our society throws at them just doesn't prepare them for anything out of the "norm." Love that you could "hear in" and then stear him into additional facts about your family- he'll be even better prepared to share about his family when another curious kiddo has a question!!

  2. What a great response, way to go Luke! And way to go to you guys for raising them so well :O)

  3. I love overhearing my bio kids talk about adoption with other kids - precious conversations as they talk about adoption like everybody knows all about it. :)