Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Adoption Club

I'm in a cool club-- it's called the Adoption Club.  I never knew I wanted to be in this club but I LOVE being a part of it!!  If you have adopted a child or are waiting to adopt or to be matched  you too are in this club (in case you didn't know it!)  I love my friends in the club.  Some of my club friends are people I have never physically met-- just blogging or FB friends-- and some I see every month or so at one of our  gatherings.  A year ago we (5 of us) started a Central Florida Adoptive Families Group on FB and now we have 75 members!  We try to gather for play dates every other month and after going to the Created for Care Conference last year I started a girls lunch every other month.  In June we met for a play date at a Splash Park and in July we met for lunch.  Here are some pictures of our last 2 events-- love these friends and families!!

Ladies Lunch-- these girls ROCK!!

This month we have a Called to Adopt dinner scheduled and a lunch in September. In November we have Magical Families which is awesome!!   I love this "club" or better yet "family" I now belong to.  We just "get" each other... like others don't...