Saturday, December 18, 2010

One last post for today

I seem to post in bulk! Ha ha! I just wanted to share one more thing today. Before Kaycee was born I bought her this book as a baby book. I actually haven't written in it yet which is a good thing because just this week I found these books:

I absolutely love them and bought them for Kaycee! They are great for adopted kids but they don't have to be just for adoption which is why I love them! I saw them in Sam's Club but ended up buying from Amazon. I will be using The Wonder of You for Kaycee's first year baby book!! I'm actually glad it doesn't really go beyond there because I do digital scrap booking for the boys and often forget to go write stuff in their baby books! Who wants to double document anyway??


  1. Loving all of the books! I need to stock up our library!

  2. We received "On the Night You Were Born" as a gift and LOVE it! I'll have to look up "The Wonder of You!" Thanks for sharing!