Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love the world of adoption!

I just love the world of adoption and the connections you can make with people also connected to adoption. I have become part of a Tampa Bay Adoptive Parents group on Facebook in the past 6 weeks and have LOVED "meeting" people that live only 1-2 hours away that have a passion and love for adoption. It's neat to cheer on those awaiting placement or waiting to be "chosen." I decided to start a Central Florida Adoptive Families group on Facebook to connect with people even closer to where we live!
In July I had a baby play date at our house with 4 other moms and their babes all 1 year or less. We are all connected through our local adoption agency and had met each other at the picnic last November! I can't wait to do it again! I love watching the babies play and chatting with moms!!
I also had a wonderful opportunity to meet up with a bunch of people the end of July at a local park for a couple hours. Some of us have been blessed already with our adopted children and there were couples that met up with us who are currently "paper pregnant." I soooo loved getting together with everyone! We need to do that again soon too!
Last year I was contacted on Facebook by a couple who lived in North Carolina who were praying about adoption and trying to decide which agency to work with. They found a post I wrote on Bethany Christian Services FB page. I was so excited to talk with them! At that time we were only "paper pregnant" and we were so excited about the whole experience! We feel we are real "friends" with this couple and have followed their journey on their blog http://willandadrifindbabies.blogspot.com
We are so excited for them and hope to meet them in person in the near future!!
Just this week I received another message on FB from a woman in Virgina who saw the same post I put sharing this blog on the Bethany FB page. She sounds real neat and I hope to talk with her on the phone this week to share our wonderful, inspiring, stressful, fun, scary, nerve wracking, beautiful and God inspired journey of adoption!! I feel so incredibly blessed by the world of adoption!!

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  1. I agree! I love connecting with other families that share this unique experience. Lets do another play date soon!!