Sunday, September 9, 2012

Late Post-- Our First Visit with Jenna's Birth Mom

Sorry this post is over a month late... Oh well.  I've been kinda busy!  The end of July, we met up with Jenna's Birth Mother "D", her son M. (8 years old) and daughter L. (6 years old).  It was the first time we met M. & L.  We drove to Jacksonville and met them at a community park.  The kids all played together and we had a really nice visit.  Kaycee took right to L. as she often does with little girls who are older than her.  The only awkward moment for me was in the beginning when they all said "Oh look at MaKayla!" (We changed her name to Jenna which they were ok with)  I felt guilty for some reason and called her "Jenna slash MaKayla" in the beginning of the visit.  I think I wanted to show respect but I also want her to be called by her name Jenna.  Anyhow, it's really not that big of a deal and no one else (ie other kids) seemed to even notice.  By the end of the visit they were calling her Jenna.
We set up our next visit for October-- hopefully they can come down for Kaycee's Birthday party at our home.  I would love D. to meet Kaycee's birth mother G.
The best thing was a text I received from D a few days after our visit.  She said her son told her right after our time together that he feels that somehow we are a part of their family too.  I think that is awesome....   (FYI-- D. ok'd the use of these pics here)


  1. what a beautiful visit! D is gorgeous, as is Jenna!!

  2. Precious, precious pictures! I know how valuable they are to you. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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  4. I loved this, and so glad I found your blog! We also had the somewhat awkward moment when Kate's birth family kept calling her by the name they had chosen (Ava), rather than by the name we had chosen. Of course not a big deal, just a little awkward. :)