Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our fun loving family!!

    Most of our friends and family follow us on Facebook or through this blog but I always like to write an end of the year letter.    Our biggest news for 2012 was, of course, when God brought our sweet Jenna Marie into our family.  You can read the story of how she came to us in our posts on this blog in June.  She is truly another gift from God!

 Jenna loves to smile and just goes with the busy flow of our family.  She doesn't ever fuss when her brothers or sister grab her for "just one more kiss."  I often think it looks like they are squeezing her too hard but she just smiles at them!  Jenna was born May 7th and became part of our family on June 21st. We can't imagine life without her!!

 Luke is 6 1/2 and in the first grade this year.  This is such a cool year and I had no idea it would be!!!  It's like magic!!  My son can read!!  I mean really read!!  This is so very exciting!!  He enjoys it and I love watching/hearing him read to us.  He played t-ball in the spring and soccer this fall.  I had the honor of being his coach which was a little nerve wracking but so fun with all the 5-6 year olds!!  He loves Legos especially the Ninjago series and is very creative with drawing and building!

Zack turned 5 in September and is in Pre-K.  He loves looking at books and playing with Legos.  He swam like a fish this summer and enjoys pretending to be a pirate.  His imagination cracks us up!  He also learned how to ride his bike this summer!!  We were so proud!!  Zack is looking forward to starting t-ball this spring!

Our sweet Kaycee turned 2 in October!  She is sassy and funny and loves to sing and dance!  She learned how to swim this summer!  She was not afraid of the water so we enrolled her in infant swim classes and she did awesome!!  She adores her big brothers and her baby sister.  She and Jenna share a room and she is always checking in on her!  Since Jenna came home Kaycee has been very fond of her dolls.  Prior to that it was all dinosaurs!  It's cute to watch her imitate us with her babies-- changing their diapers and patting their backs.  Luke thinks Kaycee will be a famous singer one day!  We love her singing but wish she didn't do it so loud at 2 or 3 am!  I guess it's better than crying though...

Chris continues to enjoy his Physical Therapy job at Freedom Pointe (a skilled nursing rehab) in the Villages.  He goes mountain biking once a week with the guys and does 2 weekend get-away biking trips a year as well.  Chris has taken the boys tent camping several times this year.  Luke and Zack love going camping with Daddy!!  He is an awesome father and husband!

I was fortunate to take 3 months off work when Jenna joined our family.  Unfortunately with "PRN" work they don't always save your spot when you leave.  A sacrifice I was willing to make.  Since September, I have been adjusting to piecing together home health and acute care therapy.  It's working for now but I've been toying around the idea of getting a steady full time job.  Still not so sure about that though... I love being a mom and having a day or two off a week to spend with the kids.
I have had great fun building more friendships with the adoption community locally and nationally this year.  I attended an incredible conference last March for adoptive moms and can't wait to go again this spring!  I still love my Monday night meditation meetings too.  Nothing better than sitting in silence for an hour.  It's the only time I do that all week and gives me peace and serenity!

So that's our scoop for 2012!!  We pray that you have had a blessed year and wish you well in the New Year!

With Love,
The Weber Family
Chris, Kierstin, Luke (6 1/2), Zack (5), Kaycee (2) and Jenna (7 months)

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