Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Soooooooooooooooo Overdue

This post is sooooooooooo over due.  Ugh.  I can't keep up!  I think about this blog at the strangest most inopportune times-- like now at 11:27pm on Tuesday night.  But hey why not put a lil post up on the latest doings in our home!
Since the last post the following has happened:
1) Luke turned 7 years old
2) I turned 40 and Chris & I swam with the dolphins for my birthday!
3) Jenna turned 1 year old
4) Zack graduated from Pre-K
5) We had a nice visit with Kaycee's Tummy Mommy at a park
6) Texts and photo books sent to Jenna's birth family-- her birth mom has a new job so not sure when we will see her next-- waiting on her to let us know...
7) I took 6 weeks off this summer to spend with the kids-- crazy, chaotic, exhausting and fun!!
8) I accepted a new job with the school system as an Occupational Therapist and will begin 2 weeks from today!  Very excited to be on the kids schedule but nervous about working full time-- I haven't really done that since Luke was born!
9) We enjoyed some beach time
10) I coached Zack's tee ball team-- due to lack of volunteer coaches... 
9) We took a wonderful vacation to GA and TN

Here's some pics documenting it all...

 Ok I'll try to be better...

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