Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is not easy

OK so this waiting for Baby Kaycee to arrive is harder than waiting to be matched/chosen. The anxiety of is all is unnerving from time to time. Some days I'm fine and others well I'm not... I had a minor freak out last weekend b/c I asked KBM to e-mail us after her MD check up last Thurs. just to let us know how it went and how she was feeling. We heard nothing and on Sat. I texted our Birth mom social worker just to make sure everything was ok (did she still like us-- we thought the meeting went great but maybe she didn't-- blah blah blah!) I got a text right away easing my fears and yesterday I got the e-mail I was waiting for! Phew! KBM e-mailed a recent picture of her belly and a picture of a few of her ultrasound pics taken at 7 months. She also told us she had picked out Kaycee's middle name-- we asked her to do this-- Jaselle. Kaycee Jaselle has a beautiful ring to it and a name put together by all of us makes it so very special!! I reasearched some local photographers who specialize in newborn photos and have one set to come to our house within 10 days of Kaycee's birth for a photo shoot!! I'm excited about that too! I'm having fun picking out outfits and buying cute socks and hair bows!! This weekend I am going to Women of Faith in Tampa www.womenoffaith.com Hopefully she'll hold out until after that-- it's a perfect way to get a spiritual fill prior to our daughter's arrival!! The coolest thing about that is Steven Curtis Chapman will be there and he's the reason we started this adoption journey last year!!!!
OK so now I keep busy and wait and I keep my phone on at all times-- she's due in 12 days.... do ta do ta do....


  1. Sorry that I haven't checked in in so long. The wait is awful! I know wonder how the wait till court will be for us. I love her name! Planning on coming up again on the 25th to 27th. Maybe we can find time to meet up (unless Kaycee arrives before then)! God is just so good to us! Have an amazing time with some amazing women praising Him!

  2. Such an exciting time! I cannot imagine the pins and needles that you all are on during this part of your journey. Just so thankful that God has been with you every step of the way and that everything is flowing along rather smoothly!

    The photo shoot sounds amazing! We just had our shoot for our profile book to get some pics of the completed nursery and the two of us together, so I cannot wait to be on your end of things.

    Baby KJ will be here before you know it!