Monday, November 29, 2010

Kaycee is one month old!!!

My little girl is one month old today! Wow! What a great and fast month it has been!
We have had weekly contact with her birthmom via texting and a few phone calls. I told KBM to text me anytime she wants and I can take a picture with my phone and send it right away. She is doing really well and I texted her last night to let her know we would be sending a large packet of pictures with a monthly update back to the office with the director today. We have our 1 month adoption check up with the director and her assistant today. I'm a little nervous because our house has been crazy busy this past week but I do know that they aren't coming in with a white glove to check everything! They want to see that Kaycee is well cared for and everything is going ok.
Kaycee is a great eater and sleeper and she loves her swing! We are so blessed! The boys are adjusting well... Zack our 3 year old is craving some more attention but that is to be expected. Luke our 4 year old is a great big brother and always helping out! I expect that we will see some smiles from our Kaycee this next month and I'm looking forward to that!! She is a real cuddle bug and bonding great!
This week we will be getting our Christmas decorations up and we hope to get the kids pictures with Santa this week or next! Kaycee has several Christmas outfits so we'll be taking lots of pictures this month!! Stay tuned...

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