Friday, November 5, 2010

One week old

Our baby girl turned one week old today and what an amazing week it has been! We had the opportunity to meet up with Kaycee's birthmom, her birth mom's sister and her daughter yesterday at Bethany Christian Service's office. It was a WONDERFUL first visit!!! KBM's sister was great and I really think she was relieved that she was given an opportunity to meet and hold Kaycee. We spent 2 hours just hanging out and chatting. It was nice and I'm so glad we did it so soon. Our next visit is in February but we may meet up before then if KBM wants to-- I told her to let me know!! She's such a great person and I'm so grateful to her!! I know I posted the above video earlier but I must post it again to explain how incredibly awesome birth moms are!!!

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