Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More to Come

I was so excited this week when my friend Tammy told me she checked my blog frequently and wondered why I hadn't posted in a while! I didn't know people actually looked at this or checked it! Anyhow, Kaycee will turn 3 months old ( OMGosh!!)on Saturday and this has been a crazy busy month! I return to work 3 week ago and am trying to keep up with everything! I have a lot to say here but will wait for the 3 month pics and update!! I will post here a few pics of Kaycee's Baptism that was on January 16th. It was awesome! Everything went perfect well almost everything-- KBM couldn't make it at the last minute due to transportation issues. If she didn't live a hour away and let us know 1 hour before the Baptism we would've picked her up. Oh well... we'll see her in February for a visit. For now we still text once or twice a week. Ok-- here's some Baptism pics and stay tuned-- I'll post on Sat or Sunday-- probably Sunday...


  1. Aww! We love reading Kaycee updates! She looks like a precious angel!

  2. I must not be that good of a friend since you spelled my name wrong..... ;-) Love you!!!!

  3. OMG-- see how tired I've been Tami!!!! Soooo sorry! XO!!