Thursday, September 22, 2011


So when we thought there might be a chance we could adopt an African American baby I started researching hair. Reading books, looking at websites, reading blogs, etc. Last night I told my husband I was so glad God gave us Kaycee "because this is sooo much fun!!" (referring to hair stuff) Challenging but fun! She is only 10 months old and I have loads of products. First is skin care-- no one told be she was going to peel like crazy when she turned 1 week old!! She was so scaley and Aquaphor was the best! I don't use it that much now. My favorite thing right now is Body Butter that my mom brought home from the Canadian Rockies. I have learned never to put baby powder on a black baby-- she looked awful! Poor thing-- I had to wash it off and put on lotion. So here is a picture of my current skin care products-- still need to do more research on this stuff.

Last night I watched a couple videos on YouTube on making lotion and decided I'd rather just buy it!!
Next is shampoo and conditioner. We only wash K's hair once a week and then rinse with just water or with conditioner and water-- a term called "cowashing" a couple times a week. She just loves to run her hands through her hair easpcially while shes eating!! AHHHHH!!!! I only have a few of these products.

Next there is the maintenance hair care products. Now this I have a ton of different options! Funny thing is I often like my Mango Butter I got at the Dollar Tree Best. It's greasy but it holds her twists good and she doesn't get too frizzy with it. I just got Ecostyle Olive Oil Gel last week because one of my patient's caregiver told me about it and it was only $2 at Dollar General. I really get into different products but think I really should just finish up what I have but it could take me years. I was recently thinking that I should get some small jars and trade product samples with some of my friends who have also adopted transracially! Here's my maintenance/ styling products:

Then there is the detangling-- I always detangle in the bath when the conditioner is in her hair. I LOVE my tangle teezer (far right)!! It works awesome! I'll use the wide combs when she gets out of the bath after I pat it dry a little. Then I have a gazillion regular combs I got from the Dollar Tree for parting hair. Just trying what feels most comfortable and they were cheap so I didn't mind getting a pkg of a million gazillion. I also put a few of the clips I bought at Sally's in the picture because they are awesome!! They help hold K's hair when I make the parts.

I didn't include of the bows or bands or any of that because I have a whole drawer full. Did I mention she is only 10 months old?? I'm hoping to learn how to put in a few beads soon but must learn the way that she can NOT pull them out!!
Anyhow, lastly there is the preservation of the hair do-- I have been reading about sleep caps and all. I tried a sleep scarf but had a scare when she woke up playing with it. I got nervous that it could choke her so after reading blogs about it I found these stocking caps at the Dollar Tree (yes, I really like that place!) and they are working beautifully!! I had to put a knot in the end because when I went to get her out of bed the other day she had it down over her face!! I put it on when she falls asleep and then she still has it on when I get her in the morning!! We have less frizzies and longer style preservation!!

Well I'll post about my favorite hair books next post! That's it for now!

Oh-- PS KBM finally got back to me-- yeah!! Phew! We are good now! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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