Friday, December 2, 2011

How cool is this??

So I was wasting time on Facebook the other day (nothing new-- bad habit) and I came across this link for make a book out of your Blog (!! I was so excited and I ordered one and called it Volume 1!! Perfect timing since Kaycee turned a year and we are just beginning the adoption process for "Jenna."
Update on our process... My husband says to me last week: "So where are we with the paperwork process? Did you get our profile book done yet?" What??!!?? I told him I was planning on starting in the spring when our tax refund was in process and it just seemed like that was a good time. Well he thought we should just get a move on!! Boy when he changes his mind he really changes it and he's ready to roll!!!! So I called Bethany Christian Services in Winter Garden (we love them!!) and asked for an application! It's on my desk and my goal is to fill it out this weekend. I have to get a physical Monday for a new job I got this week so I called Bethany again the other day and asked them to email me the physical forms--I figured I'd get things done as I go!!! I'm getting excited about this now!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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  1. First of all - adorable family photo! We need to get some made of our new group! Secondly, so excited for you guys to be adopting again. I don't know how you do it all! I hope I will be ready when Daxton is 1 year old, but I don't see how I will get there just yet!