Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy 2012!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I decided to post our annual Christmas letter on our blog to a) save paper and that expensive ink b) get my Christmas cards out in time and do the letter later! All our cards went out this week and now I'm sitting on the couch with the ambiance of the lit Christmas tree and reflecting on this past year...
Chris got a new job in the spring in The Villages at a very nice, upscale skilled nursing rehab facility. He really enjoys it and it allows our children to go to The Villages Charter School. He is also 20 minutes closer to his mountain biking trails and still enjoys riding once a week with a group of guys.
Luke started Kindergarten and loves it! He enjoys coloring, drawing and playing with Legos. He also participates in bowling after school once a week! He went to Legoland with me in October which was great fun!
Zack really learned to swim this summer. He loves it and is a little fish! He also became completely potty trained this fall (Thank God!!) He loves going Sea World, playing with trucks and his favorite characters are Diego & Spiderman!
Kaycee has amazed us this year! She is so animated and happy! She loves to sing and dance and she just started walking this week! She loves her brothers and never fusses when they give her big bear hugs (or headlocks)!
I am still working in Home Health 3 days a week and really enjoying it. I have the flexibility to participate in all the kids school activities and enjoy special one on one days with the kids. I have started a Central Florida Adoptive Families page in Facebook and have made some great new friendships with local families. I also started a "Play and Pray" group at my house once a week. I got inspired after attending the Women of Faith Conference in October and now have some friends over with their kids-- the moms do a bible study (and pray) while the kids play. It's a little chaotic at times but it's better than nothing and I think we all enjoy it!!
Our big news that most people already know is that we are in the process of adopting our fourth (and final) child! We are so excited to add a newborn baby girl to our family! We actually mailed all our paperwork in today and our profile book has already arrived at our adoption agency! So now we wait to see when God will place Jenna in our arms and lives forever. We pray for her and her birth mom daily (where ever and whoever they may be).
We pray you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and awesome 2012!!

Much Love,
Kierstin, Chris, Luke (5), Zack (4) & Kaycee (1)


  1. Thanks for the updates! And another one prayerfully on the way. Blessings to all of you! ~monica

  2. LOVE is all we need. To love and be loved. Merry Christmas every day!