Friday, February 10, 2012


Ever notice how sometimes it is easy to turn things over to God and sometimes it is really hard?? I have to admit that I still don't think automatically to pray right when stressful situations hit me. I usually get angst and my mind goes a million miles a minute trying to figure out how "I the almighty one" will handle all this with grace and make it work out perfect. WRONG. I'm always wrong when I think I am in control. When will I learn???
A few weeks ago Chris (my husband), was putting Luke (our 5 year old) to bed and Chris' knee dislocated. He was in NC at the time so I did not witness the event but when my tough husband who can "block out" pain says he was seeing stars and was considering going to the ER, I know it was bad. It took three weeks to get into the orthopedic surgeon. He went Tues. MRI Wednesday. Results yesterday: Bad ACL tear. Surgery necessary.
Now my husband is a Physical Therapist so he can't return to work until he is fully recovered-- 2-3 MONTHS! Ugh. I thought I was going to throw up when I heard that last night. Let me tell you why... we are waiting for a newborn baby to adopt and I wanted to take 2-3 MONTHS off!! Really what I think would be best is if we get matched while he is out on leave. He only needs 2 weeks (insert smile) and then it'll be like when he broke his leg 8 years ago-- he couldn't work and was bored to death. So today I am surrendering all of the to God and putting in a special request for our daughter to be brought to us while Chris is out on medical leave... I know He's laughing at me but I'm still requesting. Praying. Hoping. Surrendering for today.

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  1. Oh no!! Poor guy!! I hope his recovery is quick!! I also hope that little baby will be born in God's perfect timing.