Friday, February 17, 2012

Adoption Friends

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my adoption friends-- old and new! There is a special bond people who adopt have that is just so awesome! Back in July I had a bunch of adoptive moms and their babies over for lunch. We were talking about how there was an Adoptive Families of the Tampa Bay Area on Facebook that we had become members of but we thought it would be neat to have a Central Florida group. That night I started one on Facebook. It started out with just the 5 of us from the group and maybe a few more we knew. Right now we have 46 members! I love it! So we got together last weekend for a play date in Winter Garden-- it was 30-70 minute drive for everyone depending on where we were coming from. I always wish there was more time to talk at these things! This time a girl named Jen came with her son and daughter. It was our first time meeting them and we are soooo psyched they joined us! They are awesome! Also a couple that we had met at Magical Families recently relocated to Orlando and hooked up with us! It was great to have them and their boys there!!! Have I said how much I love our group?? tee-hee...
Anyhow, here are some pictures from last Saturday:

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