Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Psalm 27:14 and Psalm 31:24

So these are the scripture verses I have been meditating on this past week. If you aren't sure what they are go look them up! ;) We are at the 3 month mark of waiting which is really NOTHING. Some days it is nothing and I'm so busy and other days it's just a grip on my heart wondering when our daughter will be brought to us. I have complete faith that God will bring her in His perfect time. I must admit it is MUCH easier the second time around!! Kind of like having your 2nd child-- you don't get as nervous or as anxious as the first time. It is still so very exciting but I know it is all going to work out just right...
So I've been blessed to be able to minister to other waiting families with Bethany. About a year ago I contacted Bethany's Director and told her that I love making digital scrapbooks and would be willing to help edit or make books for couples that may be having difficulty with it. She said "Ok great-- thanks. We'll let you know." I never heard anything until December. She called and asked if I could help them. I was so excited. I filled out paperwork and became an "Official Bethany Volunteer." I am now the Profile Book Consultant and I love it!! I love helping couples make their books go from ok or good to awesome! It is very rewarding! Just this last week one of the families I talked with and reviewed their book brought home a "stork drop" baby after their book had only been "out there" for 2 weeks! I was sooooooo excited for them! I just LOVE seeing families built through adoption. It is such an awesome blessing!!!


  1. Kiersten - didn't see a contact button here...so, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your encouragement. I assume you were in the breakout with me about transracial adoption. It's something I've really been challenged with lately more so than I was expecting...and our daughter is only 3! (insert sigh here) So glad we can come together as a community and support each other as we press on in our journeys!

  2. Yay for your new job! Ha!! That's awesome :)

  3. Kelly-- yes I was and I'll try to find you on FB so we can keep the connection. I often think the same things and have started a group of adoption friends here in Central FL so our kids can see other families built like ours!!