Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kaycee-- is this you??

So we have had our daughter's name picked out for a couple months: Kaycee (K= Kierstin C= Chris) and having the birthmom pick the middle name. We pray for Kaycee and her birthmom every day and we know God has her picked out for us. So.... we got a call from our social worker tonight and she said she wants to send our profile to a birthmom who has a 2 month old African American baby girl and has decided she needs to place her with an adoptive family. OK so I'm trying so hard not to get too excited as we could possibly have our lil' Kaycee home with us as soon as this weekend! Ahhhhhhh!!!! How exciting!! Ok- but it may not be Kaycee and this babygirl may be someone else's adoptive baby girl so for now we are just praying for the birthmom, the baby girl and everyone involved in this situation. We are asking you all to pray for this baby girl and especially her birthmom as her heart must be breaking right now with this decision. God has amazing strength and will bring her through this... as for us we wonder tonight--- is this our Kaycee?????


  1. Oh my goodness Kierstin and Chris! This is very exciting news! We will be praying for the birthmother, the social workers, and your family - that whatever is ment to happen with this little baby will be in the works. Love the name - what a great idea! Hugs and we're sending you good thoughts!

  2. This is so wonderful. :) We are praying for you and know that God's plan is in action. Can't wait for an update. I love how you guys are giving the BM the choice for the middle name, that is such a great thing :)J