Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Paper pregnant"

So now we are "paper pregnant" (I read that term on another blog and thought it was cute!) No we are not matched or anything but all our paperwork is in so we wait....
We are getting things ready for a new baby in our home. Since I got rid of all my baby stuff, we have to start over!! Chris and Luke set up our new crib and stroller this weekend. I just want to have things ready even though it could be a long wait-- I don't want to set it up when we get matched and then possibly be disappointed if something doesn't work out. This way it is set up for whenever she arrives!! My friend and neighbor, Joy told me she wants to have a baby shower for us! So sweet and exciting! I told her I would prefer a "Meet the baby" shower after we have officially adopted-- again so we don't set ourselves up for disappointment. It's never a done deal until papers are signed and a baby is in our home. Heck, no one has looked at our profile yet since it's only been a week!! I'm in that mode of wanting to be prepared but not too much!! Does that make sense?? I did buy some bottles and a few onsies and a car seat too... Tee-hee!!


  1. Congratulations, I found your blog thru another one I am following. We are "Paper Pregnant" too :) It's such a great feeling isn't it :) I agree with you on the baby shower we are going to do what's called a "Sip and See". Congrats again :) J

  2. Congratulations on being paper pregnant! So excited for you guys!