Friday, July 9, 2010

What is a Semi-Open adoption??

We have been asked about our adoption and different elements. We have chosen to opt for a semi-open adoption after educating ourselves on the different types (open, semi-open & closed). Here is some information on semi-open adoption...

Common Elements of Semi-open Infant Adoption

* The expectant parents choose a family from written, non-identifying profiles.
* An adoption agency or third party mediates the contact between the parties before and after the birth.
* Birthparents and adoptive parents know each other only by their first names.
* Adoptive parents may be present at the birth and may have met the birthparents before the birth.
* All correspondence is sent through the adoption agency or third party.
* Post-placement meetings are arranged and supervised by the mediator.
* Adoptive parents often share the child's pictures and letters with the birthparents, but may also include gifts, videotapes, etc.


The advantage of semi-open infant adoption is that both families have the opportunity to develop a relationship over time. A semi-open adoption gives everyone the freedom to communicate with the assistance of a trained mediator.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this plan lies in the area of sharing information. In semi-open infant adoptions, current information can be passed on with ease, over time. A child's adoption story continues beyond birth, and his or her questions can be answered as they arise.

So there you have it!! :)

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