Sunday, February 20, 2011

And they lived happily ever after...

Well this is the final post of our blog. I want this to stay an adoption blog and not be a family blog. When we were in the process of our adoption I really enjoyed reading people's adoption stories. I often had to weed through the posts to find the "adoption story" part. I hope people can find hope and encouragement within our blog. I pray that if you are reading this or just came across this and are in the process of adoption that you will TRUST GOD-- for He has your perfect child picked for you. We will continue to pray for Kaycee's Birthmom (KBM) as well as the many birth moms out there pre and post adoption. If you would like to be on our prayer list as a birthmom or waiting family please e-mail me at We love praying for you and we know how powerful prayer is!!
Soooo until I can talk my husband into one more adoption (hopefully we can begin a year from now-- I want Kaycee to have a sister!) this blog is done!
Thanks for reading and many blessings to you!!

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  1. Thanks so much for having the blog and posting your journey. You and your husband were so helpful to us when we were just getting started, and the finalization of your journey helped us with our faith in knowing that in God's time our baby will make their way to us. Wish you guys nothing but happiness and a future full of wonderful family memories together!