Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Day??

So tomorrow we go to court in Orlando to finalize Kaycee's adoption. I really wasn't feeling like this was anything more than the "last piece of the paperwork" initially. Because we were able to be at Kaycee's birth made me think that finalization is no big deal but now I think maybe it is... When we talked to our attorney last week she said we will have to answer several questions and we needed to have a statement of intent to read to the judge. This feels like saying my marriage vows and I'm all of a sudden nervous. I need to come up with our statement-- why did I wait until the night before??? I asked a friend to come with us to video tape it and take pictures. Here I am writing on my blog procrastinating... Anyhow, KBM texted me today and asked if she could have a quick visit with us tomorrow after the hearing. I was thrilled and can't wait to see her! I came up with a questionnaire that she has agreed to fill out for the book I'm making for Kaycee about the story of her birth and all about her "Tummy Mommy." It should be cool! Well, I better go work on this statement...

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