Friday, February 18, 2011

Finalization complete

One week ago we went to Orlando to the court house and finalized Kaycee's adoption. We had to answer a bunch of questions and then we had to make a statement of intent. When our lawyer asked us who would be saying it we decided we both wanted to say something.

First I said...
"God has blessed us with the most amazing little girl Kaycee Jaselle. We were incredibly fortunate to be at her birth, support her birthmom during labor and hold her within minutes of her arrival. Kaycee Jaselle’s name is an expression of the love by all her parents. Kaycee comes from the first initials of Kierstin and Chris and Jaselle was given to her by her birthmother. Our hearts grew bigger the moment Kaycee arrived and we are so incredibly grateful for her. She fits in our family perfectly and she has been welcomed and embraced by our extended family members and friends."

Then Chris read our promise to Kaycee...
"Our promise to Kaycee
We promise to provide a loving, secure, safe and positive home for you.
We will love you equally and unconditionally along with your two brothers.
We will encourage your strengths and support you with your weaknesses.
We promise to raise you to express your individuality.
We promise to provide you with the guidance you need to pursue all of your dreams.
We will also teach you the ways of our Christian faith so that you come to know
and love our Lord who has blessed you in our lives.
Kaycee, we are so grateful to have you as our daughter
and we are honored to be your parents."

My friend Penny came with us and video taped the whole thing too! After we finished with the court proceedings and the paperwork we took pictures around the court house. One in front of the statue was of us with our lawyer Debbie who was soooo cool!
Then we went and had a 1 1/2 hour visit with KBM which went great as always. We finished our time in Orlando with a great lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum!
When we got home it hit me. Sometimes it takes me a little bit-- I looked at my precious daughter and exhaled a huge sigh and thought "you really are all mine now." I just love her soooo much! What a blessing!

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  1. What a wonderfully powerful day! So happy for all of you!